C02 Scubbing, how long how many days, wit and hefe problams

2 questions
Do I need to add fermentables?
Do you think the brett would over power the sulfur?

Do you have the capability to do a 2.5gal batch? Maybe try that size with a fresh yeast pack/starter and see if pitch rate has a direct impact.

Also, do any of your friends mention/complain about the sulfur?

But Jamil ferments under pressure… :wink:

No added fermentables required. It will drop gravity due to its ability to ferment longer chain sugars, but it will metabolize many intermediate compounds and esters produced by sacch. The renewed fermentation from long chain sugars may drive off the hydrogen sulfide, but it may also metabolize the sulfur compounds as well.

Thoroughly clean and sanitize, and you should have no more risk of cross-contamination than you would have with any other high-attenuating yeast.

I don’t have that capacity, I could maybe go get the stuff for a one gallon batch…
My friends can taste it, not as much as me. I probably have a higher sense for it at this point

Plus you know it’s there and looking for it.