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C&W Crates

I just learned C&W Crate is having a fire sale.

I have a bunch of their 24-12’s and I’m wondering if I should stock up while there’s still time? Or if this is like the furniture store’s “Going out of business sale” where a week later they’re back MAYBE with a new name on the door? Did they maybe sell the design to someone who will be selling them under a different name?

Anyone know of a similar product? I like that they’re lightweight, like cardboard, but are much more durable and don’t eventually fall apart like cardboard. All the alternatives I’ve seen are basically wood boxes or not-quite-the-right-size tupperware.

NB is now selling something called Fast Rack, its a plastic holder for a case of bottles.

I looked on the C&W site and it doesn’t say anything about a sale. Appears they only have the boxes for 12oz bottle too. Where’d you see sale prices?

Fast Rack is only good for empties. I wish they had a 6-bottle size, that I could keep on my counter.

I like the more traditional case design for bottle conditioning. I put the bottles in a case, and the case in a garbage bag. The garbage bag is just insurance against bottle-bomb spillage.

It’s on their home page. 15% off everything use promo code “lastone”

wow, this morning they were out of the boxes for the 750ml. but they still had the bombers.

They’re out of everything now, oh well. Did look like a nice product. I have a couple of regular bar style cases for longnecks and I guard them jealously.

That was fast! I have 2 of the 12oz cases and would have liked to get more and maybe a coule bomber crates. But since I am between jobs I am not spending on hobbies at the moment … So I guess I am SOL. Glad I have the ones I do I guess. :?

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