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C&W Crate

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the long neck bottle crates sold at C&W Crate. Perhaps you’ve seen them advertised in BYO Magazine. ... -2flat.htm

I do not see myself headed in the direction of kegging anytime soon, and have found that I need a better way to organize my stock, which typically consists of four to five 5-gallon batches circulating at a time. I’m currently just using the cardboard boxes that the bottles came in (some from commercial bands, some from HBS sources), which are starting to fail.

These crates seem a little spendy, but if they are built to last, I could see myself making the investment. Might anyone know of some less expensive alternatives?

I’ve got 8 of them, 6 12 oz’ers and 2 22 oz’ers. They are def made to last. Kind of a pain to put together, but that’s not really a problem. They are a little pricey though.

I use the boxes that our printer paper comes in. They are sturdy and hold a case of bottles. If you kept your six pack holders, you can slip those in the keep the bottles separate. Otherwise cut up a few of the boxes and create your own dividers.

I have two of them. The are pretty nice and should last much longer than the cardboard. I like them enough that I plan to get some more.

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