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Byggvir's Big Beer Cup 2012 (MN Ren Fest Competition)

Huzzah! Welcome to the 6th Annual Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

Entries showcasing historic, English, and European styles are being accepted from Friday, July 20th through Sunday, August 13th. You can drop your entries off at five Minnesota brew shops: Northern Brewer (Minneapolis & St. Paul), Midwest Supplies (St. Louis Park), Still H20 (Stillwater), and Brew & Grow (Blaine). $6/entry.

Judges and stewards of all skill levels are encouraged to sign up to help out. Judging will be on-site at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th.

Last year, we had over 150 entries, with pairs of hand-made drinking vessels, gift certificates, and other fantastic prizes from our sponsors given out.

We at Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup are very excited to announce that Mike Hoops from Minneapolis Town Hall has been generous enough to offer to brew the best beer of Byggvir’s at Town Hall Brewery!

Rules for this prize:

■Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery reserves the right to select “Brewers Choice” from the Best of Show round of judging. Brewers Choice may or may not be the Best of Show Winner. No meads, ciders, or sour beers will be considered.
■Brewers Choice will be brewed at Town Hall Brewery within the next calendar year. It will be served on tap at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery the following August.
■The award winning brewer is welcome and encouraged to join the brew session with Head Brewer Mike Hoops at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery at his/her own expense.
■Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery plans to enter the beer in the GABF PRO-AM Competition. Town Hall Brewery will pay the entry fee and provide 2 Passes to the GABF. The winning brewer will be responsible for travel expenses to Denver (airfare, hotel, food, etc.)
■See rules for GABF Pro Am at

Check out our website for more information:
Gera Exire LaTour & Eric Wentling
Co-Organizers, Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup

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