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BW ale ferm

Brewed this on Tuesday and this morning there isn’t much going on. I wasn’t all that impressed
with the ferm. My OG was 1.082 and I was looking for 1.092. Gave it a shake this morning and am
wondering if I should pitch a packet of us-05 tonight when I get home if there is no change. Temps
is at64*.

You really can’t tell the activity always by the airlock. Sometimes your bucket or carboy isn’t sealed. Take a hydrometer test to be sure.

Also, what temp did you take your original hydro reading at? Don’t forget, you need to adjust for the temp of the hydro sample. You may have hit your OG. What did you mash at?

It’s a bucket. Seen that about the lid posted a # of other times and can’t believe I forgot about that.
I knew about the hydro readings but hadn’t planned on going to secondary for a couple of more
weeks and didn’t want to pop the lid open and risk anything. My reading was 1.080 @ 70*.
Sorry about that, I’ll take a reading on Thursday when I get back in town instead of throwing in
a packet of yeast in he morning.

Happy brewing.

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