Buy to improve beer (newbie)

I’ve only brewed two batches of beer so for what would be the two or three best things I could buy to improve my future beers?

Palmers book, How to Brew!

  1. Find a way to make yeast starters to pitch enough yeast

  2. Control fermentation temps so that beer temp is low to mid 60’s

  3. Make sure you give every batch time.

hydrometer if you don’t already have one

1: Temp control. Simple as a tub of water and frozen bottles. See my signature line.

2: full boils and a chiller

3: yeast starters or AG

Yeast starter is as simple as a gallon glass jug and swirling it. Or building your own stir plate.

AG is as simple as a rectangular cooler
or a big brewing sculpture.

I agree with nighthawks suggestions.

Yeast starters (cost=almost nothing) - I use a 1 gallon glass jug. Boil up DME in small pot and use a small plastic funnel to transfer to jug after it is cooled.

8-10 gallon pot - Check this link out for great deals on a couple pots (cosmetic issues with them). ... -C203.aspx


Temperature control for ferment - ability to maintain low 60’s

I also recommend Palmer’s book as suggested above. Also, check out all the pod casts on “The Brewing Network.” A WEALTH of information there. I also like BeerSmith Homebrewing and Basic Brewing radio for podcasts.

Well I dont know what you are doing right now in your process? So I’ll give you some tips with this video