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Butterfly hose clamps question?

Hello does anyone know what size butterfly hose clamps would fit Silicone Tubing 1/2" Inner Diameter X 3/4" Outer Diameter 1/8" Thick?

I’m not sure what you mean by butterfly - You might trying googling for “Oetiker clamp size chart”.

Are those the ones you see on vacuum line on a vehicle? You can grab the Ears/wings with a pliers to open? Sneezles61

Are they clamps with a tab on the end to tighten/loosen by hand? Any way, you need one that at least opens to at least 3/4”. I think the 3/4” size opens a little more than 3/4” which is likely what you need. I think this clamp is what you need. If you look down in the questions someone answers that the clamp opens to 1.25”.

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