Butter flavor- will it fade in the bottle?

So I tried my Winter Warmer, admittedly really early (after two weeks in the bottle), and it had that unmistakable buttery diacetl taste. Any chance that will fade as it ages in the bottle? I’d call it borderline drinkable (since I hate wasting beer), but I’d be super happy if someone told me it would diminish with time…

Well, it’s in the bottle. No reason to rush and dump it. Try one every couple of weeks and see if it gets better.

Maybe try to keep them in a warmer place?

It will probably fade in a couple more weeks.

Just store it warm (65-72) for a few more weeks. The yeast in the bottle should take care of it in a week or two.

If diacetyl is really strong, it will sometimes last forever. But very often / most often, it disappears after 3-4 weeks of warm aging. This is a month-old thread… how does your beer taste now??

I was amazed, but it tastes fine, now. No hint of it at all. I’m starting to figure out that the last bottle of beer always tastes the best, so I should really leave everything alone in bottles for at least three/four weeks before even trying it…

How long did you let it ferment on the yeast cake? The yeast in the primary should take up the diacetyl.

Too often, some people are in such a hurry to get the beer doe before it is ready. Brew more and fill a pipeline so the beer can work to its own schedule. You’ll be rewarded in the end.

only 10 days in primary. 38 days secondary. I’m starting to consider the whole “skip secondary” argument.

Trying to get that pipeline going… But I seem to be drawn to epically big beers that take forever to be ready. The good news is that the black IPA is ready and should take a while to get through. The bad news is I’m talking myself into the host’s 115th dream IPA kit.