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Butlerj's Liquid Panty Remover Cyser Recipe

*5 to 1 ratio (5) apple juice or fermented cider (without preservatives) and (1) honey (I used 50/50 clover honey and Trader Joe’s mesquite honey)

*2 cans of apple juice concentrate per 6 gallons (again, without preservatives)

*Yeast Nutrient (follow directions for type used… I used the I.D. Carlson brand)

*Yeast starter appropriate for batch size made with apple juice and honey in a 5 to 1 ratio. Add yeast nutrient to starter in an amount appropriate for the size of the starter.

*White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast (I recommend buying 1 vial per 6 gallons of cyser)

*Make yeast starter 2 to 3 days ahead of brew day.

*Chill starter until yeast drops, and pour off excess starter mixture (go ahead and drink the excess if you really hate wasting hard cider. Just don’t drink the yeast unless you want to spend most of the next day on the can.)

*On brew day, mix the apple juice (or cider), apple juice concentrate, and honey into the carboy (or conical, if you have that kind of coin.)

*Add Yeast from the starter created earlier

*Leave alone for a month

  • If desired, k-meta and/or potassium sorbate according to directions on package, let sit for a few days, and back sweeten with apple juice in a 4 cyser to 1 apple juice ratio.

*If desired, carbonate in corny keg to taste.


Be careful! This stuff goes down like apple juice, but it’s deceptively strong!!

I cannot be held responsible for people waking up in a random stranger’s yard while not wearing any pants or underwear after drinking this!!!

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