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Busy Brew Weekend

Friday night:

Keg a Black IPA
Secondary an Oatmeal Stout
Secondary a Smashing Pumpkin Ale
Secondary a Caribou Slobber
Brew a Cream Ale
Brew Jamil’s Evil Twin


Brew Chinook IPA
Brew Lakefront IPA pro series
Clean kegerator and all beer lines (PBW, hot flush, star san) plus picnic taps (4), thoroughly clean taps.

I basically now have 6 full kegs (two are big beers aging), 3 beers in secondary and 4 in primary.

As I told my son, one or two more batches and we may have enough to make it through the holidays :cheers:

I do not envy you. Sounds like you had to clean A LOT.

True, but all in all, it went very smooth. And I worked on several efficiencies such as using the pbw from cleaning beer lines to also do the final clean up.

But yes, both brew days were quite long. Each double batch day takes 5-6 hours. (and at least 5-6 beers)

Good job! I keg’d Surly Bender and brewed a Grilled Pumpkin Ale yesterday. Today I’m hoping to clean a few kegs, move some beer and maybe even do a little bottling.

Great job Dad

Good work, it seems like you are trying to motivate me. I need to clean kegs, bottle barleywine, keg apa, finish keggle and brew first 10 gal batch. All of it has been getting put off…

I occasionally have those weekends, but not this weekend. Thanks for picking up the slack for us slackers.

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