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Low pro Banjo burner or Blichmann with leg extensions? Curious if it is possible to drain wort right from the kettle into a carboy when using the Blichmann with leg extensions? Anyone using a Banjo and how do you drain from the kettle? Don’t have billions of dollars to spend but want to do it right from the start.

I have a Banjo burner. Bought it a couple of months ago when upgrading to 10g batches. I also bought a 15.5g Bayou Classic pot and a CFC since my old IC wouldn’t do the job with the new (larger) pot. I don’t have a pump so I built a stand out of scrap lumber. It’s roughly 24"W x 40"L x 20"H. That lets me put the burner on the stand which elevates the pot around 32" off the ground. Once I am doing brewing, I place the CFC next to the burner (burner is shut off at this point), run a hose from the pot to the CFC and from the CFC to a carboy on the ground. Gravity makes it all happen.

Works really well. I don’t have any photos though. Another thing to mention, a lot of people say the Banjo’s aren’t as efficient as the Blichman’s. I don’t know if that’s true, however, I can say that the wooden stand never got hot and the heat was well distributed under my pot.

Banjo burner + Bayou Classic pot + CFC + valve/fittings/hoses was around $350
10g of delicious beer for the same time/effort as 5g is priceless

I bought a Blichmann burner about three weeks ago for $135. I had a hard time justifying the purchase. Previous to this purchase I would use my dads a banjo or borrow a friend. After using the Bloch Ann for the first time time on Sunday, I know I made the right choice. I could not believe how quickly it brought 7 gallons up to 180 degrees for was also whisper quiet when I turned it down after reaching boil with my wort.

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