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Burner for 80qt Pot Question

I’m getting an 80qt pot for my father in law for cooking stone crabs, and we need a burner to go along with it. I have a standard Bayou Classic turkey frier burner that works fine for my 5 gallon batches, but I know we need something larger to boil 15 gallons. I’ve been leaning towards the Kick a Banjo Burner Plus (KAB6).

Does anyone have any better suggestions? Efficiency isn’t as important as getting the water to a boil quicker. We’ll be cooking crab a few times a week, so the less time waiting for a boil, the better.

I know this isn’t a beer question, but believe me, once we get a new big burner, it will see lots of time below some boiling wort…especially once I get into bigger batches.


You will never regret getting a KAB6.

+1 Quiet, efficient, tons of heat.

Now we may be going with the 160qt pot…go big or go home!

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