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Bung wont stay put

Hello everyone! I’m am new to the site and new to home brew. I ordered a deluxe kit form NB and finished my first home brew last night. I got the glass carboys. After transferring the wort to the 6 gallon carboy I inserted the sanitized bung and airlock. The bung kept pushing out. I finally got it to stay put for a few minutes so I left it over night. I checked on the brew this morning and the bung had came out and was sitting on the counter. No foam had came of the carboy. My question is…

Did I do something wrong? Should I dry off the bung before inserting it into the carboy for better grip?

What could the exposure to O2 have done to my beer? Is there anyway of knowing before I go to the effort of bottling?

The beer/wort is probably fine. You’ll know if it’s not on bottling day if it taste sour. Since it’s before fermentation, there’s no risk of oxidation, but there is a risk of contamination although it’s unlikely.

After you sanitize it, try letting it dry - or drying it off with a new clean paper towel. < that’s what I do, and i haven’t had any problems.

Also, welcome to the forum! :cheers:

yeah those little bastards are jerks, they never like to stay put. I remember one night in the midst of frustration trying to get it to stay I ended up pushing it right through the neck and into the carboy. :shock:

Everything turned out ok.

I always dry mine off, and the carboy a little too and haven’t had an infection yet. (fingers crossed)

I know a lot of folks use these things … y-Cap.html which is what I think I will pick up on my next visit to my LHBS. Although I understand they need a little modification to accept some airlocks.

As far as the beer is concerned I think you’ll be fine. it probably built up a decent CO2 blanket by then. Just be gentle with the carboy as to not disturb the blanket.

Sanitizer is slippery! I switched to cheap 80 proof vodka to sanitize the bung and to fill the airlock. Sometimes a shot is in order after a rough brew day. Also, cling wrap the bung to the neck of your carboy. Problem solved.

Thank you for the suggestions! can’t wait to have my first glass… :cheers:

I use this kind of bung and it seems better than the basic drilled stopper

I had the same problem today with a batch of Innkeeper in my Large Mouth Bubbler. My wife had some of the alcohol wipes and I used one of them on the stopper and the inside of the lid opening. I’m sure the Vodka would work just fine and taste a little better than the alcohol. Anyway, it worked like a champ and the stopper is stuck like glue.

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