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No beer brew session this week. Got to work. And have to wait untill i can keg a beer so a carboy becomes empty again. Jummy got six full carboys secondary fermenting. And one carboy full still primary fermenting . Guess will just drink. Untill next brew session

HAHAHA! Not a bad problem to have at all!!



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Be careful Frenchie, there are carboys out there that haven’t even had a brew fermented in them yet!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61


Haha yes. Had some last night. Up coming plan talks. Think the first beer to be transferd to the keg will be the end of the month. Me curius about my. Mayhem ipa. And pumpkin ala. Mmm me just stare at the fermentors last night with a pint in the hand

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