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Bummer. Theft

Me came back thurs day from my trip. From colombia. Plan to brew today. Guess not. They stole both my propane bottles. And of course gas supply store closed today

Now that really Sux!!!

That’s really rotten… It’s not that I don’t trust mankind… I just don’t trust man… Sneezles61


Indeed. Some a rotten to the core. Ok now got to buy 2 new bottles. And of course. Leave 100 dollar. Deposit

Ring Camera sends security camera to your mobile phone. We have them outside work. A cheap option to security needs.

I have a few ring cameras around my property, pretty cool. My primary source of security is a 90 lb german shepherd.

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I bet if they knew that you used those tanks to make liquid gold, they would not have stolen them!

Ă€ah me got. Pittbull. 2 dogo Argentino. But because. Me not on island the cleaning lady. Closed the back gate so my dogs could not walk around the property.

Well, those thieves got lucky this time then. Hopefully next time they get to meet your dogs/security system in person!


I have arlo cameras outside my house and a nest video doorbell. The dogs are still the early warning system and best deterrent.

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Told her why you left the gate closed. Answer. I am afraid for your dogs. Had to clean the front pourch. My husband did not pick me up he supposed to open the gate again. My daughter did open gate next day. Well guess to late

That stinks man. Do you think they will return them for the deposit?

No they will return it for exchange. Of new tank. At the gas place. They never check the serial numbers. Or ask you for the recept of purchase. Only if you return the gastank and give a recept of purchase they give money back

Me got still four large gas bottles. But they are for the house use. Like oven boiler. And so on. So been thinking. Put a t spilter. Between the gas line. So it feeds my brewing area. No need to buy new small gas tanks again. I think


Just make sure you’ve got the right regulator setup in place.

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