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Bumble-hopped & Dank: UMMO 2012

It’s Upper Mississippi Mash-Out (UMMO) time, homebrewers. The UMMO is one of the biggest, most competitive homebrew contests in the nation.

Join us on January 27-28, 2012 in the Twin Cities for the biggest and best UMMO yet.

This years theme is hops. Special guests Gordon Strong and Nathan Smith.

One of the highlights for volunteers will be the double IPA tasting. We’ve rounded up about 12-15 of the newest, dank/citrusyhigh-alpha hops and we’re using them to create a range of single-hopped double IPAs for volunteers to compare hop characteristics.

I won’t bore you with a long post.

Go to: for all the details.

Hope to see you in St. Paul next month.

Steve Fletty
UMMO Co-founder

I’ll bite. What’s bumble-hopping?

I think he means, the beers are hopped enough so that this guy would enjoy:

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