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Bulk DME storage --- best way?

I am switching over to DME from LME , need a good idea for a air tight storage container for bulk , 55lb , DME storage ?

Brad :cheers:

in a garbage bag, inside a home depot orange bucket+lid.

Does the color of the bag affect any aspect of the efficiency ? :mrgreen:

And 55lbs of DME fits inside a 6 gal pail ?

I don’t think it does, I think you are looking at two pails, but I’m not sure, it’s been a few years since I bought one of those.

You will need to homer 5 gallon buckets with two of the lids have the black rubber gasket in the rim of the lid. I have one bag of golden dme split between two of those buckets with lids and it has held the dme perfectly.

And at the end of this bucket, it’s on to biab and I’ll use the rest for starters and even more extract and partial mashes… I’ll never hate on extract brewing.

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