Bulk cold conditioning vs bottle cold condition

When i reach my FG should i cold condition my beer in bulk? Or bottle, carbonate then cold condition?..Does it make a difference?.This recipe calls for 3 weeks @ 32*F so bottle or bulk? Whats your thoughts? cheers

What’s the beer?

Belgian golden ale
WY1388 yeast

Do you have the level of clarity in the beer that you want? I ask because if you have suspended yeast/material/haze it will drop out in the bottle and you’ll have more lees vs. having it drop in the fermenter. You’ll still have enough yeast to bottle condition.

My personal preference for a high gravity brew is to bulk condition before adding priming sugar for bottle conditioning.

Yeah, bulk aging, cold, is probably the best way to go with this. If you’re using a carbonation calculator for the priming amount, be sure to use the highest temp that the beer saw during active fermentation, not the cold-crash temp.

+1 Good Advice.