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Building new brew system

Did find some. 50 liter beer kegs here on island. He wants 40 dollar per keg. So thinking about building a herms system. Still use my gas burner than only got to buy some parts. Pumps. False bottom. Fittings ball valve. Hoses. And so one. Be watching some you tube. But none about building a system. Think i will buy a herms coil. Insted of building one from coper tubbing. Any thoughts??,

I would recommend a stainless HERMS coil for sure.

I’m not sure if the 50L kegs are similar to US Sankey kegs, but make sure the “drain holes” in the bottom chimes are open and allow ventilation. If they are damaged and blocked, you could end up super heating a pocket of air and boom!

Dont know. If these are same as usa type of kegs. They are big. Think if i am right. 1/2bbl acourding usa size

Well, if 20 liters equals a 5 gallon batch, then… 40 is approximately 10 gallons… Another thought about your HERMS coil and heating… Try using one of those big huge coffee makers, you know, the 30 cup kind… Just a thought… rig your coil up in there with water, or perhaps you drink coffee whilst brewing! Sneezles61

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Me just orderd. 2 herm coils. Much easier than creating one my self. Now looking for cam lock valves and conectors

Brew hardware… cam locks… I believe Loopie told me about them… I like them better than the coupling connectors… hands down! Sneezles61

The build on paper done. In about 3 weeks should have all the hardware here and herms coils. What the heck just ad a extra pump as well. Gonna cut monday the kegs open. And drilling holes.

When I modified my kegs, I did cut along the top weld, but stopped and left the handles attached… I did cut one so it was a circle in the top and didn’t like it at all! I gave that one away. I’see if I can try post a picture later. Sneezles61

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