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Building Fermentation Chamber - Upright Freezer

I’m finally taking the next step and building a fermentation chamber. I’m looking for the proper sized upright freezer that will accomodate my 14.5 gallon Blichmann Fermenator. Any idea on how many cubic feet my freezer will need to be?

Also, my current upright freezer (that I will continue to use as a freezer) has the cooling elements running through the individual shelves. Obviously, these can’t be removed to make room for the conical fermentator. Is this a common feature? I know plenty of people have made a similar chamber to what I’m trying to build.

I’m looking at buying the Ohmbrew Fermostat as my temp control unit. What are the best heating sources to use inside the freezer? I’ve seen the carboy heat wraps used and heard about lizard heating rocks as well. Any experience with either of these?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I have a kenmore model 253 9284014 upright freezer. All the coils are in the back, shelves are removable and side walls drillable. I’m honestly not sure what the cubic foot size is but I have four kegs in it and still have the top shelf in place for storage of yeast and such. It’s probably late 90s era.

It’s been well over a year since I shopped, but EVERY upright I saw had non-removable shelves with coolant tubes. Maybe special order?

My heater is a heating pad from CVS it’s in a 7.1 chest freezer in a basement that only gets down to lower 50s. The 2-hour shutoff doesn’t really hamper me when trying to maintain a temp, but I have to raise temps slowly.

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