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Building a new brewey

I was just reading about yet another new brewery in the area and already I’m doubtful. Im just overwhelmed by inferior product. I try and read between the lines. If they starting with a large investment with a resteraunt and all I’m leery. If i see a couple guys that have been brewing awhile open a small operation that maybe has a tasting room opened once in awhile. That interests me more.

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Here near the office, a few of us are big beer fans… a couple of Surly alums are opening a new brewery that sounds like they are planning on a lot of barrel aging/mixed fermentations, along with some quicker to market beers. That sounds somewhat promising. Then I heard another taproom is opening a few blocks away. The creds being some young guys who have been homebrewing for a few years. That doesn’t give me as much confidence. I’ve just had some really flawed beer from a few of the newer breweries in town, and a lot of mediocre, uninspiring stuff. Don’t get me wrong, there is some awesome beer in MN, but a few of these places are leaning really hard on the “bearded local kid going big” cred without the skills to back it up.

I just find the breweries that open with a huge investment with food and the whole nine usually have the brewing as an afterthought. Cool name and advertising only go so far.

When I moved to Brevard County Florida some 25 years ago we had zero breweries…now we have at least eight in one county with a medium population. Saturated nationally? Probably getting there.
? Will there be the inevitable “correction”?
I’m picturing Kareem Abdul Jabbar walking down the street ringing a bell calling out “bring out your dead!!”(breweries)
Sorry, vague S. King reference

We have a local one here that opened a year or so ago. The owner is not a brewer but hired a brewer out of an established brewery. He is a foodie and also planned on “great” food. The building is pretty glitzy, so far they are a bit inconsistent with their beers and the food is not what I’d call “great”. We keep hoping they dial in the beer but we’ll see.

I’m alright with mediocre beer with good food as long as the beer is priced accordingly.

So many brewerys up coming. Right now. It just to be a big think wine. And fancy food. Now they are getting in the new hype. A micro brewery. Do think on the end. Only the good ones with. A good product will stay around. Here on the island. Right now two brewers. Haha me and the brewery. And both iam involved with. Dont want to claim. I am the greatest. But on the right path. Had a talk last week with a other guy. Who wants to get into the beer brewing. He has no clue on what it involves. He wants to do lagers. Mostly. But hey if you dont care about your powerbill. I would say go for it. Dont get me wrong. Wish him all the best. But research. Your product. And. What kind of. Brewery. You want to do

Ah… most of the stuff around here are just taprooms, and they rely on food trucks for the food. So I usually judge on the space and the beer. I’ll put up with a lousy space for good beer (Bang), am pretty happy with a nice space with good beer (Lake Monster), and get kind of grumpy with a nice space with bad beer (Modist).

There are a few brewpubs, though… one had probably the worst beer I was able to somehow finish, but really tasty food. I hear they’ve hired a brewer since then, so I don’t want to know what they were serving me the first time I went.

I’ll bet lagers would be very popular on Bonaire. He may be on to something. Why do you think it would be more expensive to do Lagers. Build a walk-in and you can chill ferment and lager in the same walk-in

Yeah, I get that. Being from a largely rural/touristy area, he can get away with that in the Summer. Winter not so much. We wanted to support the place and are mug club members but the place is not so inviting we hang out there much. After our first trip there we agreed the place needs to figure out its identity- restaurant or brewery. If the beer were on par with some of the other breweries (who leave the food to others) within striking distance (30 minute drive) we’d probably spend more time and money there. We still want them to pull it off and are hopeful.

We have a few around like that but personally I prefer a place that has good food and a good tap line of guest beers. Either do food or do beer don’t disrespect people who actually know beer. You can fool the public for a short time but it catches up in everything

I would suspect there will be a big pile of stainless steel for sale just down the road… Sneezles61

I got it!

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Think this is the most scary issue. Of a bar. Micro brewery. When you have clients. Who know their beers. You can fool most the people with beer. But brewers are picky. And they do know their beers. So my thought. Create a perfect beer. So they do come back. To come back to the lagers. The one person wants to brew. Here on the island. The temp. Will. Be around. 85 to 110. Way to warm for lagers. Unless. You. Run airco in your brewery. 24 hours a☺ day. The electricity way expensive. Over here. Not even talking about the price of water. For example. At home. My power bill went up with. 100 $ a month. Running a kegurator. And a fan in my beer room. And the water price 50 $ per month more. And the biggest issue will. Be the local people like there amstel. Polar. Heineken. They are real hard to change to a new beer.

Not to surprised that ales are not popular down there. I’ll bet if he can pull it off the lagers will sell. People like a nice cold lager when it’s warm. The most pop beers in Mexico? Vienna Lagers. It may cost more to brew but if he sells more it’s a wash. Gotta spend money to make money. I haven’t been to Bonaire in many years but was in Aruba more recently I just drank rum

I wish the new guy all the best on what he wants. He came to my house if i can help him. Answer no. Reason he is a snake. Collects info. Than he kicks you out and put a other person in that position. His love is money not beer. Nothing wrong with money. I love that stuff. It suports my toys. But i do think. You got to have love for beer and the beer brewing. Thats why l like to work at the brewery. We both have passion for. Beer. And beer brewing


Exactly what I’m talking about . Bad for the industry.

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