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Building a kegeraotr

We moved and I use to have a Sanyo but that went with the old house (:

Since I can’t find one of those anymore, I saw that I could modify a Danby440. I was looking at the Danby DAR125 which is stainless steel outer face. Any reason that can’t be converted the same as the DAR440 (of course two taps)

The fridge will eventually be moved outside so I have an outside kegerator system (too hard to get off the patio and walk inside…) and I will build a 4 tap system in the basement when that gets finished up.

Since we are rolling into the spring, the most important need is to get beer back on tap as fast as possible, which we all know aids in the building of those other projects…

Thanks in advance,

If the inside dimensions are the same. I don’t see an issue.

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