Building a homebrew kit with keg system

Hello all,

I’m trying to build my own homebrew starter kit, but I would like to keg instead of bottle. I want to make a system that is going to allow me to use the same equipment for a long time without having to replace too much as my love for homebrew will surely flourish and I will want to expand to all grain etc. I live in Guam and it’s hard for me to get things out here, so I really only want to pay to ship the stuff that I’ll be using for a long time. Are there certain things that I should be looking at or things that you would suggest for a first time kit? Thanks

Have you seen the above links for AG brewing? You should be able to source parts for a mash tun locally.

You need a 7.5-10 gallon pot, for 5 gallon brews. Aluminum is fine to use.

Fermenters. Plastic pails are fine and you can probably find some locally. Bakeries or other restaurants may give them away. Glass carboy are good. But heavy, so they will be expensive to ship and there may be no guarantee that they arrive in 1 piece. Better bottles may also be expensive to ship.

Kegs, can you find the soda kegs locally? If not, they will also be expensive to ship. But will last a lifetime.

You have a big challenge ahead. Good luck!