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Building a burner stand for a keggle

Just switching over to AG and I’m using a keg for my kettle and cooler for my mash tun. The only thing I forgot to plan for was the keg not fitting on my current burner stand. I realize it’d probably be easy to drop $90 on a wide stand with a bigger burner, but I was wondering if anyone had a cheaper solution?

what do you mean when you say the keg won’t fit on the stand?
Does your burner stand have a ring on the outside not allowing the keg to get close to the burner?
Or does your keg just hang over the edge of the stand making it unstable?

Where the keg is suppose to rest on the stand is only about 12" wide. The outside ring of the keg (the part which touches the stand) is about 16" in diameter. The 12" stand won’t work because the outter ring of the keg has too big of a diameter so the concave bottom of the keg is whats resting on the stand…making it obviously unstable.

Lay a couple or three pieces of rebar across the top of the burner for a cheap solution.

You could also use a charcoal grate that is wide enough to cover the bottom of the keggle.

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