Budweiser Black Crown

A friend of mine who normally knows better ordered one of these at the bar the other night. I found the bottle to be particularly amusing: it says “black” right in the name, but the description says “golden, amber lager”. So which is it, black, golden, or amber? Is there such a thing as a three way oxymoron? Anyway, the answer is: its a deep golden color. Not dark enough to be “amber” in my mind, and not in the same stratosphere as “black”. More marketing BS feeding the mainstream belief that anything that isn’t piss yellow is a “dark beer”?

I tried a sip of it, and its surprisingly inoffensive. Kinda like a particularly low flavor vienna lager. Its a genuine step up from ordinary bud, anyway.

Not a fan of the Black Crown…but Budweiser American Ale was not too bad on draft…almost tasted like Sam Adams Boston Lager. I used to live in north Florida and when In-Bev took over Anheiser Busch they released a good American Pale Ale and a Rye Pale Ale…they have the capacity to make decent beer, but have enough support for the cheap beer to increae their costs.

I think the only non-craft beer I have drank in the last few years is High Life…usually keep a 12 pack in the fridge. But drink what you like! Cheers.

I just had some recently and I thought it was more like a cheap malt liquor. No decent flavor and a dominant alcohol note. Not pleasant, ordered a Bud Light without finishing it. I’m all about drinking what is available, but this didn’t seem like a premium product even in Bud’s lineup. I may try another to ensure I didn’t get a bad one, but I won’t order one :slight_smile:

Eh, why try something new when I can order a Bud Light and know what kind of crappy beer I’m getting.

Believe me, I’m not endorsing it. I just thought the one sip I had of my friend’s was less awful than I expected. That, and I found the 3 color description fairly amusing.

I have 5 in the fridge. I often pick up something “new” in the store. I guess if I still have 5 out of 6 says something. Not bad but nothing to get excited about.

The only beer with “BudWeiser” on it worth drinking is in Europe, and from the original Budweiser Czech brewery. Had some in Bratislava 2 years ago. At first I laughed when I saw the sign, but the bartender filled me in on the history.

Slightly off topic, but this is sort of like “Guinness Black Lager”. Those commercials irritate me; the ones with the douchey guy with the unbuttoned shirt that’s trying to convince us that “dark beers can be refreshing too” by comparing dark beers to coffee and cola. Who ever said dark beers aren’t refreshing?? What puts it over the top for me is the line “easy to drink”… what beer isn’t easy to drink? :lol:

Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout. 18% ABV RIS. Not saying it isn’t a good beer but I spent the better part of two hours sipping one. A tasty treat, but NOT an easy to drink beer :slight_smile:

Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout. 18% ABV RIS. Not saying it isn’t a good beer but I spent the better part of two hours sipping one. A tasty treat, but NOT an easy to drink beer :slight_smile: [/quote]

I disagree - if it has some age on it it goes down deceptively easy. The first time I tried WWS I had no clue about the ABV (honestly, I don’t normally check). I stood up 20 minutes later and nearly fell over. Then I squinted at the fine print :mrgreen:

I have some in the fridge, sure it has a little bit of a bigger kick then reg bud but still just has that too-light hollow taste to it. If they would of just added a touch more body to it, it’d actually be a pretty good beer.

The only thing black about it is the color of the crown. It’s merely a light amber lager that is 6% ABV. I didn’t find it offensive, but I tend to rate beers by whether I would brew one or not. I have and I will, so Black Crown goes in my book as a reasonably light American Light Amber Lager. Nothing special, but nothing to do cartwheels over, either.

I’m not out to bash a beer just because of the name of the producer. :cheers: