Budweiser Black Crown

So I was at an obscure WT bar in a neighboring small town…and when in Rome…
My sampling was from a bottle. It was better than I expected. There were hints of a malty backbone with carmel aftertaste. If you had 1/3 glass of decent doppelbock, like paulaner or ayinger, and watered it down with 2/3 Bud Light, you now have Black Crown. It gave me the standard bmc lager heartburn, but all in all was Best bmc I’ve had since blue moon. Will I ever bring home a sixer? No.

Who else has tried “the superbowl beer” ?

I agree…it’s really not all that bad. Not something I’d order regularly when out (I almost never buy any commercial beer, mega or micro, to have at home) but it was definitely better than I imagined it would be. It was actually very nicely balanced.

I haven’t had it, but am curious what a WT bar is. My best guess is Whisky Time(Since there’s no good beer)

edit: its gotta be white trash

I’d personally rather have a Bud if I’m going that direction. BC starts off well above-average, but I get a weird metallic flavor from it toward the end of the taste that doesn’t go away. Some say its AB’s house yeast.

Honestly though, I really like some standard American lagers (PBR, Miller HL (though its almost always oxidized/cardboardy), Coors Heavy, and of course, good 'ol Labatt Blue).

Had this beer at a restaurant last week and thought it tasted like a cheap malt liquor. Through the whole beer I just couldn’t enjoy it, and I’m not against drinking Bud and Bud Light when that is the offering. The taste just seemed boozy and empty, not what I expected from the description.