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Bucket lids loose

I can’t get the lid to seat properly. It’s a new Tru Brew bucket and I kneeled on it and tried to hit it with a rubber mallet it just won’t seat. Has anyone had this problem?

haven’t had that problem but, it shouldn’t matter when fermenting. the lid is there basically to keep debris from falling in your wort. the gassing will force everything in an outwardly direction. if it bothers you return it.

Is it not snapping on? Maybe not the right lid for the bucket, there are lots of different sizes that all look the same. If its just not holding an airtight seal, I agree with the poster above about not worrying about it. Early on when it bothered me I had some luck stuffing plastic wrap in the lid groove.

Try wrapping vinyl tape (electrical tape) around the edge of the lid and the bucket.

I bought an “airtight” dog food storage cube with a screw-on top to use as a fermenter. It is NOT airtight. But, it’s otherwise a pretty good fermenter - largely because it fits in my tiny ferm fridge. Electrical tape seals it adequately.

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