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Bucket in NB catalog

In the latest NB catalog there is a clear, graduated, 20L bucket that I would love to have. It’s on page 23 and they are using the picture to show a barley crusher. Google searches are getting me nowhere so I thought I would see if anyone here knew where to get one. I just think it would be great to measure strike/sparge water, weighing and crushing grains ect.

Well its 20 minutes past my bedtime now because I looked around for that bucket.
Looks kinda like a big pyrex bucket. I give up. Is a sweet looking bucket.

this one’s square but it’s basically the same. ... cks&page=3

i’d poke around restaurant supply sites.

This page … B0001MRUUU shows the 6 liter one. But if you look under the price it has other sizes click on the 22 qt one that is the one that also shows 20 liter on it.

I see those types of buckets in all sizes at my local restaurant supply store. Not sure on the cost.

Here it is $28.47:

I’m Karl and I am the designer at NB. I bought that bucket at Hockenbergs in Minneapolis, MN off of Kasota Ave. It is a restaurant supply store. It was about $35, lid was about $10.

I want to ferment a batch in it and do some time lapse photography.

Thanks for reading.


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