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Bucket concern

I brewed a Liberty Cream Ale last Sunday and didn’t realize the bucket lid wasn’t fully sealed.I,m not concerned per-se about it to much except when I opened the bucket to rack to secondary there where some greenish yellow floaters in it. could have been yeast( I used 2 safe-ale us05 packets)It smelled ok and looked to be fairly clear when I racked over…Any thoughts? Over concerned Tanker… :cheers:

Probably just yeast and trub, you should be fine.

If the lid was on well enough that it is hard to tell it wasn’t sealed, it will keep anything bad out. If by some remote chance that you do have an infection, it is almost certainly not because the lid wasn’t sealed completely.

Your nose is almost always right when it comes to judging these things. If it smells fine, it is probably fine.

Thanks for the comments… I trust my senses but sometimes need some back-up lol Tanker… :cheers:

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