Bubbling away

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I brewed kitma citra IPA. When I came home it was bubbling away in the air lock. a lot more then I have seen or heard before. (my fourth batch) I also smell Hops. ( hops is good) It is not a blow out because the knausen is not rising up. I checked and the bubble top, bung, and air lock seem to be tight. Is this ok. :?:

everything sounds normal to me. What is your concern exactly?

All is okay if the temperature of the beer is not exceeding the optimum temperature for the yeast. Fermentation produces heat, so the beer temp will always be higher than the ambient temp.

I have had a couple blow foam through my airlock. As a result, I almost always start with a blowoff tube just for peace of mind.

Everything is starting to calm down. Thank you.