My beer is in the secondary fermenter and is to be removed in 3 days for bottling. The surface of the beer has white tiny bubbles forming in groups. In my biology classes this is usually a sign of growth which i fear. Am i screwed or is this completely normal? Its a very thin layer and tiny bubbles? Any experienced insight would be appreciated

How long did you keep it in the Primary ? How long has it been in the secondary ? Sounds like fermentation is not complete. I would give it another couple weeks in secondary and take a couple hydrometer readings to insure that fermentation is complete.

Or it could be CO2 coming out of solution. I see this from time to time.

But don’t get hung up on the times listed in recipes and kits. Rack and bottle when the beer is ready, not because of the calendar.

14 days in primary and 10 days in secondary. My buddy and i both did our own batches of caribou slobber and he said he didn’t have bubbles. Its my first batch so I’m trying not to get too stressed out about it but its like you have your first child and you get concerned over any little hiccup haha.

It looks like CO2 to me also but I’m a beginner so I’m not sure. If it was CO2 would it only pop up in certain spots like its doing and spreading out? They’re pure white no strange colors

have you smelled it? If there’s a sour odor there’s a chance some wild yeast made it in there and if that’s the case the white filmy/bubbly layer is what’s called a pellicle. You can usually siphon from underneath it when you’re moving to a bottling bucket or bottling, but it’s nothing to fret over. Your beer wouldn’t be ruined it would just be… modified by its environment? Imagine it as your very own irreplaceable sour brown ale. :smiley:

I did smell it and there was a slight sour smell accompanied by an alcohol smell. I did siphon a little yeast when transferring to secondary trying to get all the beer out. Thanks for the info you guys are helping me fall asleep tonight without worry :smiley: