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Bubbles in the Bottles

So I bottled my cream ale on Monday (Sept 2nd). Process went smoothly for my first time doing it, added my priming sugar, good siphon, good capping. My question is this: it’s been two days, should I be seeing any bubbles in the bottles? Currently it looks like flat beer. Not even a hint of bubbling. Did I botch a batch?

Two days is to soon for the yeast to do their job. Give your beer two weeks at about 68° to 75° before you chill and open the first one. Without chilling you will have carbonation pressure, but refrigerator chilling for two to three days forces the carbonation into solution. Almost like force carbonating a keg, except gentler.

You won’t see any bubbles in bottle. Until opening.
The amount of fermentables and sugar inside aren’t enough to kick up a head of krausen like in a fermenter, and the pressure above liquid level won’t allow too much anyways. The point in there is to get the CO2 into solution, and fermentation the point is to let it out.

Excellent. Thanks for lowering my blood pressure a few points :smiley:

Have you popped one open yet?

Would still be pretty flat, but I have had drinkable beer after a couple of days. Usually a week minimum though, and It likely won’t be perfectly contitioned for 3 weeks.

As mentioned by jaygtr, you will not see bubbling in the bottle, but there are other signs. If you are bottling in plastic, you would feel the bottle preasurize.

If capping you would notice the cap seal more completely (though you would likely have break the seal to notice.)

Haven’t opened any of them yet as I just bottled them. I’m using glass bottles, so I can’t tell if there’s any pressure (short of a bottle bomb). I’ll wait a week, toss one in the fridge and see where I’m at.

It usually takes a couple weeks for full carbonation in bottle. (dependent on temperature and so on)
I normally give it 3 weeks, if I can, to be sure.

Easy way to tell how well glass is carbonating is to take a plastic 20oz bottle, clean and sanitize it. Fill it and squeeze the air out of it. As it carbs it will expand. This should be happening to the glass and will give you a good idea of when the bottles are ready.

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