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Bubble reading?

Hi all,

I popped open my hefewiezen last night to take a gravity reading and immediately saw something I have not seen yet.

The whole top was covered in bubbles. Not small like normal krusen but not big. they were about 2-4mm diameter.

Whenever I’ve taken gravity reading before…the top is usually completely clear of any krusen. This one I had to push them the side to kake my sample.

It smelled “different” too. A smell that immediately popped into my head as not good.

It has been in the fermenter for 12 days today. Grav reading was 1.010.

Also noticed smaller bubbles in the hydrometer vessel. I let it sit awhile and it smelled more hefe then when I first opened to bucket.

It seemed to taste OK. What sort of tastes would accompany an infection?

What yeast did you use? Have you used it before?

Post a picture if you can. Fermentations all look different. What most think “may” be an infection, is usually normal. Infections usually take some time to show themselves too. I’d be surprised if you saw an infection starting after only 12 days. And even if it is an infection, there is no way it’s imparted any flavors this quickly. Infections, whether intentional or accidental, take months to begin imparting flavors.

There is a fantastic thread on Home Brew Talk where people post their infections. Once you see a few, you’ll know whether you have one or not. They’re pretty unmistakeable.

Thanks for the replies.

Looks very similar to this, except it is covering the whole top of the beer.


I will check out Home Brew talk…thanks!

btw…used wyeast 3068.

that looks normal to me


This is when you need to worry.

great then…Thanks for the input and links!

Sounds normal. The bubbles in your hydrometer test jar is CO2 coming out of solution. Fermentation is still going.

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