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BRY-97 Danstar American West Coast Ale Yeast

I recieved a free kit from NB yesterday and it came with the BRY-97 Danstar dry yeast. I typacally use Wyeast and have had great luck with it. Any comments on this Danstar yeast or a great substute Wyeast would help me considerably.

Thanks Fellow Brewers

The Kit is Share Anytime Amber Ale

Specialty grains
.375 extra special Malt
.375 Biscuit Malt
.375 Light Carastan

3.15 Maris Otter Malt Syrup
3.15 Pilsner Malt Syrup
1.0 Pilsner DME

.25 Polaris (60)
.25 Polaris (20)
.25 Polaris (10)
1.0 Mosaic (10)
1.0 Mosaic (0)
1.0 Polaris (0)

BRY-97 in my opinion is not that great yeast. It’s high flocculation tends to slightly reduce hop bitterness. They claim is fast starting yeast. But I have had nothing but problems with it. Safale US-05 is a great yeast very clean. If your a Wyeast fan wy1056 is a great yeast

I haven’t used it yet but from everything I’ve heard, if you don’t use 2 packs, it will be very sluggish. Definitely rehydrate before pitching to keep the cell count as high as possible – I say that and I am typically an advocate for NOT rehydrating – in this case it just makes good sense.

Thanks for the advice fellas. I have decided not to use the Danstar Yeast and will go with the Wyeast 1056.

Happy Brewing

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