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Brw day today,anybody else?

im doing the DRYDOCK BREAKWATER PALE ALE,(all grain) anybody else brewing today,if so what? :cheers:

cascade mountain west coast imperial ipa

smashing pumpkin ale ( if everything goes my way )

Pale ale with Magnum, Pearle and Cascade.

Not me. Taking this weekend off. I’ve brewed 8 batches since June 1, which is far more than I can drink even with help from my friends. All eight spots in my keezer are taken (only six faucets) with one in a carboy waiting for a space to open up and one just brewed last weekend. “Tasting night” with a bunch of friends tonight. I’ll be back at it next weekend brewing a batch of my house IPA.

Bottling my Nut Brown Christmas Cookie but I doubt I’ll have time to brew. Probably (hopefully) next weekend. :cheers:

Wrote a ton of pages for my masters paper. Yeah fun $hit! Only brewed two recipes this year, after this class ends (will be the last too) I’m planning on going crazy on making brews. Hope to utilize the hops that are growing in the back yard, cascade and centennial.

Not today, but tomorrow I have a Wicked Wee Heavy on deck

No brewing today, but bottled a nut brown ale today and a chocolate vanilla oatmeal milk stout yesterday. Brewing Caribou Slobber tomorrow. This is too much fun!! :cheers:

I helped 3 new brewers today (Sunday) do a 10 gallons batch of a cream ale extract in 97 degree heat I must be nuts.

Today was my first brew day in the new house. Made an IPA, have it chilling right now. Trying out that Mangrove Jack’s West Coast M44 yeast. Trying to use up some hops from the freezer: Belma, Cascade, Centennial, Columbus.

Ouch. Hot yesterday as well. The wort chiller struggled to bring the temp down as far as I would like, but the swamp chiller has put the batch into the low 60s. I hope I didn’t sweat into the wort.

I hope I can get a brew done during Labor day weekend. I hope.
I’m chomping at the bit to brew…something, somehow, someway.
We’ll see.

No brewing for me last weekend. This weekend for sure. Cream Ale and a Pilsner. Last two light beers to get me through the dog days of summer.

Brewed up a hefeweizen last night. Took it through boil then just turned off the gas and let it cool/settle overnight. Racked into the fermentor this morning, it was still warm so its in the swamp cooler with ice bottles and I’ll ppitch the yeast tonight. You can do this with a beer that has no late hop additions.

Brewed my first attempt at an IPA while drinking Sam Adam’s Octoberfest (good stuff!) and going to brew an Octoberfest Ale today while drinking New Belgium Pumpkin Kick for the first time.

Probably be the last time I brew for a couple weeks since I am upgrading my equipment next week! (insert giddy school boy laugh)

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