Bru'unWater Profile for APA

Hi, so the title says it all. Wondering which profile to use. I feel like “Pale Ale” is the obvious choice. Yet I know that the “Burton” style typically lends itself to hoppy, crisp ales.

Here’s the recipe:
5-gal est OG1.062

7# 2-row
3# Vienna
1/2# Torrified Wheat

60 min mash at 151

1 oz Citra -60
.5 Cascade -10
.5 Cascade -5
1 oz Cascade -0

Dennys 1450

SO which profile do you think would be best?

Cheers & Thanks!

I would shoot for the pale ale profile. I avoid ‘style’ water like Burton because you can’t be 100% sure breweries don’t treat their water (and likely do) or what they treat it with.