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Brunwater question

I seem to be having difficulty with this program. After entering my water profile, the only thing I ma being told to add is lactic acid to the sparge water. I did a surly furious clone last week and was given the same result. I entered pale ale as the profile. In the past when brewing IIPA’s I was told to add some gypsum and I believe one other addition. It still shows my water profile. Any ideas why I am not being given additions for the mash water?

I am planning on brewing NB the number 8 tomorrow. What profile would I want to enter for this beer?

Can you post a screen shot and point out where the error is or what you’re talking about?

From what I gather, you select a profile and that profile isn’t displayed properly on the mash tab?

Generally speaking Bru’ N’ Water doesn’t tell you to add anything, it gives you a water profile that you then try and match by adding additions of your own salts/acid to your own water.

The Number 8 is a Belgian Dark Strong, I would venture to guess that Black Balanced or Black Malty would be a good choice. Of course you could go with Rochefort or Orval, but those profiles may just be the ground water at the brewery and not the actual treated brewing water.

It doesn’t TELL you anything. You select a targeted profile from the list that it contains (or you enter your own desired profile) and then YOU start adding minerals or acids that bring your starting water closer to the profile you selected. Depending on what minerals or acids you have on hand, you play with the amounts of each mineral until it comes close to where the profile guides you.

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