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Brunch Stout Carb Issues

I brewed the extract Brunch Stout kit in October and it has been in bottles for about 6 - 8 weeks. I seem to be having some issues with some variation in carbonation in the beer. there are nights where my first pour will yield a delicious beer with a nice two-three finger head and good lacing. The next pour will yield no head and little to no carbonation in the beer. This has been the case since just two weeks after i initially bottled the beer. I initially had it in my basement and after two weeks of some low carbonation samples, i moved it to an area where the temp is controlled to 71-72. after 6+ weeks in the temp controlled environment i am still seeing the same issues. My immediate thought was just that perhaps some of the bottles had a lingering bacteria, however no real off flavors are being produced. my next thought was that i should have agitated a bit after adding my priming solution on bottled day, but i cannot say for sure.

Anybody have a similar experience and able to offer insight?

How big was the batch? How much of and what kind of priming sugar did you use? What type of yeast did you use?

A couple things that come to mind:

  • bad seal on some of your bottles? (make sure you aren’t using twist offs)
  • priming sugar was not mixed well into the batch

it’s hard to believe that yeast could be that unevenly distributed. Not sure if that’s a possibility if you used a highly flocculant yeast or not.

it was a 5 gal batch, seals are all good. used a white labs british ale yeast. i actually think that on bottling day i added the priming solution after transferring beer to my bottling bucket, which would likely explain my issues.

Turn each bottle upside down and gently swirl to rouse the yeast settled on the bottom of the bottle. Then continue to warm them between 70-80F for a few weeks. Some beers are stubborn.

British yeasts are traditionally very flocculant so it’s possible they just flocced and pooped out before finishing the job. I would do as MullerBrau suggested and shake them up a bit daily and raise the temp on them. This will kick the yeast up into suspension and help convince them finish the job.

Alright first test is under way. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the advice.

My money is on this. Next time add boiled priming sugar to bottling bucket first then rack beer into it. You can also stir GENTLY between bottling, say every 6-8 beers.

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