Bru'n Water, the water adjustment tab, cation/anion gone

In the paid version of Bru’n Water version 3.2, on the water adjustment tab, the cation/anion ratio is gone. I’d just begun to pay closer attention to the ratio lately.

I reviewed the notes and instructions in Facebook, in the Excel spreadsheet and in Google. No mention of it’s removal other than the mention of water adjustment tab simplification. I’ve haven’t seen anyone mention this removed feature in any forums.

I used distilled 100% and add what salts I need back in. is this feature gone because of my distilled usage or is it gone for everyone?

It’s gone for everyone. I believe this is one of those changes that he made to enable brewers to "focus on things that “really matter.” I don’t miss it.

The cation and anion information was useless since it is set by the water profiles and is always balanced when minerals or acids are added. It was just another pretty thing that didn’t add to the information we brewers actually need.