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Bru'n Water Profile for Brett Saison

I am planning on brewing a 1.060ish 100% Brett Saison this weekend. 77% pilsner, 23% white wheat. I was thinking of using the ‘yellow bitter’ profile. I actually may go with a hopstand as well of some Galaxy I have left over, or maybe a blend of Galaxy/Amarillo, so I’d like this to be a real crisp beer that accentuates the brett esters and hop aromas/flavors. Here is my existing water profile:

Calcium (Ca) 25.0
Magnesium (Mg) 7.0
Sodium (Na) 18.0
Potassium (K) 0.0
Iron (Fe) 0.0
88.0 Bicarbonate (HCO3)
0.0 Carbonate (CO3)
4.0 Sulfate (SO4)
34.0 Chloride (Cl)
0.0 Nitrate (NO3)
0.0 Nitrite (NO2)
0.0 Fluoride (F)
pH 7.9

It seems that the big things I should be focusing on are:
-acidifying the mash (Bru’n water says 0.6ml/gal lactic acid to mash, .91ml total lactic for 2gallon sparge), this will get me to 5.2
-bumping sulfate: 0.7 grams gypsum/gallon and 50% distilled dilution to lower Cl will get me to 105ppm and SO4:Cl ratio of 6.19)
-lowering bicarbonate (acid will take care of this?)

-is this reasonable?
-Do I need to blend distilled water in the sparge, or can I just use my filtered tap water?
-anything I’m missing? This is the first time I’m really trying to adjust water.

Seems reasonable but I don’t think you need to dilute your water to lower the Cl, pretty sure both in the Water book and Martin have mentioned there isn’t much impact from Chloride or Sulfate if it is below 50 ppm or so. For sparge water I just use the information in the sparge water tab to guide me on how much acid I need to add it in order to get the pH in a desirable range. You’ve got much softer water than me so I’m not sure how much of a concern that’d be for you but even batch sparging my water is far too hard to not adjust.

how about the dilution to lower the bicarbonates, or does the acid I’m adding make the alkalinity moot?

I would definitely prefer to not have to dilute with distilled…

Just use the acid to bring your pH to where it should be. Your water isn’t very hard so it won’t be nearly enough lactic that it’d impact flavor.

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