Brown Ale OG:1.100!

I just did a partial mash clone of Newcastle using:

3.1 lbs British 2-Row
2 oz 60L British Crystal
2 oz British Chocolate
1 oz British Black
3.75 lbs light DME
1/2 oz target 10.7 AA
1/2 East Kent 5.5 AA
1098 British Ale yeast

I made a super nice starter for this the day before I brewed. Mashed at 154 for 90 minutes. Sparged with 168° water. Long story short I got an extremely high gravity reading of 1.100! The OG listed for the recipe says 1.050. Fermentation started in less than 12 hours; and nothing has blown through the airlock or lid.

Just trying to.figure out why this may have happened!

You did a full boil? Did you check your hydrometer to make sure that its right?

Something is wrong with that measured gravity. I plugged into Beersmith and got 1.050. You cannot get more sugar than what the ingredient has.

Has to be one of 3 things. 1) wort stratification 2) Equipment calibration error (off by 100%?) or 3) Operator error

Unless…you only ended up with 2.5 gallons in the fermentor due to boil off.

I started the boil with a little over 2.5 gallons. By the time the boil was over I ended up with about 2, and topped it off with about 3 gallons of cold water. I’ve had this happen before. Only thing I can think of is that my hydrometer is wack!

I followed all the directions to a “T” (or so I think). The good news is that the yeast went right to work on it. So it brewed and fermented normally. I’m going to guess it’s the hydrometer.

I’ll take another reading when I transfer to secondary and post again! Thanks for the help!

It didnt get mixed well enough.