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Brooklyn Brewing 1 gallon kits

Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I would welcome your advice. On Sunday I brewed a one of Brooklyn brewing’s one gallon kits–a brown ale. By that night the blow off tube was bubbling like crazy…but by Monday morning it had stopped and as of now I have yet to see signs of fermentation, no foam, no airlock activity (I know. Ignore the airlock). Is it possible that the bulk of the fermentation can take place so quickly in such a small batch? Also, I used the entire packet of yeast…could this have caused a problem in a one-gallon batch?

You probably over pitched with that much yeast by a factor of 2-5, so the yeast ran out of sugars pretty quickly and little or no reproduction occurred. I am not familiar with the 1 gallon kits, but a full 11gram sachet of dry yeast is more than enough yeast to direct pitch a five gallon batch. Also, what temperature was this at? It is entirely possible that the yeast is done that quickly under the situation you have. Test it with a hydrometer and see if it is at the stated expected final gravity to be sure.

My first brew was a Brooklyn kit. The instructions are pretty basic. I don’t recall if it’s an 11g packet of yeast or smaller.

Anyway. If I recall my fermentation was going nuts the first day, but slowed down quickly. Make sure it stored at or below the recommended temp. Since it’s just a gallon, I would just give it the full two weeks of time (or longer). You’d loose too much from this small batch taking a hydrometer sample (if you even have a hydrometer).

The bottling set up on the Brooklyn kits are awful (in my limited brewing experience). The plastic clamp doesn’t work well at all. I think 3 of my bottles (of 9) were infected. One, because in closing the clamp I bent back my thumb nail causing some blood to get into one bottle. Then the other 2 were me having problems with the siphon cane flow resulting in probably contamination. And me not knowing what I was doing.

If you think you’re going to stick with 1 gallon brews, invest in a mini auto siphon ( … n-3-8.html). It’s so much easier. Also our host now has a bunch of one gallon kits to try other brews. ( … tarter-kit)

Give the bottles time to condition. The recommended 2 weeks is not enough. It’s drinkable but another week at least is better.

Finally, I am assuming you are a new brewer here. Even if you stick with 1 gallon kits, pick up How to Brew by John Palmer. It really explains the process better than any instruction sheet and will get you excited about shifting up to full batches (or more).

I have a two gallon jugs i’d liek to use. What do you use for a blow off tube? The one for my 6.5 gallon carboy doesnt fit

Hi guys and THANKS so much for your advice! I already ordered the Northern Brewer small batch starter kit, and am excited to be getting in grain more and more. I will be cautious with the bottling, sounds challenging. Think I’ll bottle soon and let them condition for as long as possible. Thanks again


Looks like NB kit includes the mini auto siphon comes with it and a bottle wand. Those 2 tools will make a big difference.

Good luck, it’s a great hobby! This whole website is a wealth of information for you too.

The 1 gal kits come with a 38mm Screw Cap with Hole. I think i read somewhere that a #6 works for a 1 gal jug. Not sure what would work for a 2 gal.

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