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Brooklyn Brewery

Had the opportunity to stop by Brooklyn Brewery yesterday, and was glad I did. Up until now I’d never tried the Local1, 2, Sorachi Ace, or other specialties, but I was pleasantly surprised. They also have a “Blast” DIPA on tap that was nice, although in all honesty not quite on par with the best of the West Coast, or even the mid-Atlantic’s best from Troeg’s, Victory, etc.

I didn’t bother to do the tour (seen one, pretty much seen 'em all), but it was a nice place with a very cool atmosphere.

Looking back, I really regret not having a Brooklyn Brown Ale on tap. It’s been around forever, so maybe not as “sexy” as the newer brews, but for my money still one of the very best American Brown Ale’s ever made.

I saw some of Brooklyn’s beers at a local convenience store I frequent. They specialize in a lot of different brands of craft and import beers and saw Brooklyn as one of them. I may have to give that a try next time I’m there. I like a good brown ale.

Brooklyn Brown Ale has been around for…at least 20 years, and unlike most of its contemporaries that have been “lapped by the field”, I still think of it as the quintessential American brown. And it is distinctly American–definitely not an English brown like a Sam Smith Nut Brown, but at least as great in its own way.

Their specialty beers sold in 22 ozers are also up to snuff with the latest-and-greatest, from what I could tell from my quick-and-dirty sampling. As far as I remember their year-round pale ale, pils, and IPA are OK, but nothing special…


The closer you get to brooklyn, the better the brooklyn lager is.

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