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Broken Digital Thermometer

So I thought I had the perfect brew day. Hit my mash in temps, had an easy boil and flawlessly quick cooling. And then it happened. I used a 4 gallon pot to heat my mash water with a digital thermometer. The second batch a friend used the boil kettle with a brewmometer built in which was reading 10-15* colder than the digital. With further testing it turns out it was the digital that was horrible off. Meaning my mash was probably around 145* as opposed to 155*.

So now I am wondering, if the thermometer was off for my mash, what I am going to do with my horribly thin Scottish 80. My starting gravity hit within a point of what was expected but I’m assuming it will be very, very fermentable leaving it thin which was the opposite of what I was hoping for.

Drink the beer you made, enjoy it, and question whether either of the thermometers are accurate.

Cheap alcohol (red liquid in a glass tube) lab thermometers do an amazingly nice job of staying calibrated.

I tested the brew kettle thermometer with two other kitchen ones and that is on. It also hit 212 at boil. The digital is off. It’s just unfortunate for the style.

Mpls, depending where you are located in the twin cities altitute has an effect on calibration.
IE: Anything in the “highlands”, of the main metro area is around 1000ft above sealevel which should be 210f when at boil instead of 212f. If your in the “lowlands” you may be closer to 650-700ft just something to consider when calibrating your thermos.

Most weather websites tell you your specific altitute. Pressure has an effect also albiet much less signifigant.

Thermaworks has a good boiling point calc.

While your there, why not pick up a Thermapen. You’ll be very happy with your purchase.

My boil occurs at 202 degrees every single time here in Cheyenne, where the evation at my home is 6200 ft. I’ve always wondered if my mashing temp is too high because of this. My beer is very good (well, I think so), so I stopped worrying about it.

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