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Broke my hydrometer

second batch of brewing and a full volume caribou slobber – luckily got my reading of OG 1052 for this boil before I knocked over my sample and watched in slow motion my hydrometer plummet to the ground and snap in half – oh well, guess i will drink a home brew in rememberance to the Irish Red Ale that just came ready.

I did the same thing last week while checking my Punkin Ale. Dang it.

I haven’t broken a hydrometer since I bought a spare :smiley:

Actually, I’ve lost track of how many I’ve broken, but I always keep at least two around.

One of those “always have a backup” items for me.

I broke mine a week ago before I brewed. it was an extract kit & I hit volume, so I’m not too worried about missing target OG.

I really need to pick up a spare.

I haven’t broken one since I bought a refractometer. 8)

The used to be a joke tossed out all the time that you should buy 2, break one as soon as you get home so the beer gods would be satisfied and allow you to keep the second one forever.


dont really need to worry about a target OG if your brewing a kit you cant screw it up unless you have way over 5 gallon or way under

I’ve had the same one for 15 years. Now I’ll probably break it on the next brew. :frowning:

Broke mine doing an Irish Red back in June… I keep two on hand now.

yep, broken several as well. Last trip to my LHBS they were out of stock on the standard hydrometers. All they had were the more expensive ones with the thermometer inside the hydrometer. I needed it right away so I thought why not. I’ll just break one that costs three times as much! ($15)

Well turns out that thing is awesome! Now I only have to take one measurement instead of separate temp and gravity readings. Also this one is much stronger glass than the typical hydrometers. I have knocked this one around in ways that would have broken the standard hydrometers and it is still in one piece.

I recommend getting one of these if you can. Mine is a ALLA brand, french made, Thermo/hydrometer.
They also have them at NB … meter.html but it doesn’t look like the same brand.

I had to get a new hydrometer in a pinch. Went to the local pet shop and picked up two for $9. They’re used to measure salinity of salt water. Be sure to calibrate them first. One was .004 off and one was .002.

It was threads like this that made me buy a 2nd hydrometer in preparation for breaking one. I have yet to break my first one and am coming up on 10 years brewing.

I’ve had mine a long, long time. But, still always keep the backup around.

broke on bought another then got refractometer best home brew investment yet not thrilled with wort chillers.

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