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Briess Cherrywood Smoked Malt

Used this for the first time in an /80 shilling type recipe:

85% Maris Otter
8% Cherrywood Smoked Malt
6% C90
1% Roasted Barley

30 ibus of EKG
Wyeast 1318 (london III)

I really like the flavor, you get a pretty subtle character from the smoked malt, but might not identify it as ‘smoked’ unless I told you it was in there. Once you know what it is, its much easier to pick out as smoke. Problem is the mouthfeel. It’s very flabby, which I define as kind of heavy and flat tasting, even though its carbed properly with a very round flavor profile and a slick finish. The poor mouthfeel makes it not as easy drinking a pint as I’d hoped. Mash PH was in line at 5.35. Can’t really attribute the flabbiness to anything other than maybe a high mash temp of 154-155 (cant remember where I sourced this as a cause of flabbiness though) or the new malt. Anyone else used this malt? What were your experiences?

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