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Briess Cherry Wood Smoked malt, how much?

I’m making a smoked stout as soon as my starter is ready and just received my cherrywood smoked malt from NB. My question to you talented brewers out there is; how much should I use?

I’ve done a lot of reading on this subject and am aware there are different types of smoked malt. The smoke malt one chooses has a lot to do with how much one should use in their beer.

My initial thoughts based on my searches with this particular malt is 10% of my grain bill which is around 1.4 lbs for a 5 gallon batch. This is a stout so the flavors are already pretty bold to begin with. I don’t want just a complexity of smoke, but I also don’t want beer that tastes like a BBQ pit.

So fellow brewers, where is that happy medium?

Briess Cherry Wood Smokes Malt is fairly strong. It has more of a bacon/bbq flavor than the german stuff. Based on what you said you’re looking to get, I’d probably stay in the 1-1.5 pound range per 5 gallons.

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