Brick warmer additions

Hello everyone,
I recently purchase the brick warmer extract kit and was looking for some advice. I have never made this kit before but I am a big fan of holiday ales! I am thinking about adding some different spices into the mix but I don’t want to over spice the beer. My thoughts were crystallized ginger? Coriander? Cininnamon stick? But don’t know if it would work well? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

What spices do you enjoy?

What I did was make a tea out of crushed crystal malt with some spices before I did a holiday beer and whatever went well with the maltyness of the brew went into my beer.

I ended up with ginger, roasted dried thai chili peppers (without the stems) and cinnamon.

but I was worried the cinnamon would overpower the beer so I did not add enough. If I did it again I would skip the cinnamon. Too much stress.

I aim to experiment with cubeb pepper. Its very aromatic (used in the perfume industry) but the first taste is often hated, so its one of those annoying “acquired tastes” but I think every household should have a spice rack filled with potential bad choices.

Thanks twirlcan I appreciate the feed back. I think I may try to make a little tea first.