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Brewtus 10 Clone Finished (minus electronics), with pics

So, at long last, I have finally finished my Brewtus 10 clone. Thought I’d celebrate by sharing some pics with the group.

I had the unit welded by a local guy, and did the gas plumbing myself. It’s really nice and got it for a reasonable price. It’s by-and-large mild steel (not stainless), with high-temperature paint, due to cost. The grate on top is stainless; the diamond plate is aluminum.

Soon: inaugural brew day. Later: install the pump (and a second pump), and a plate chiller. In the distant future: I’ll spend a small fortune on electronics, I’m sure.




Pics, with gas plumbing.




Looks good congrats.

Nice. I hope to knock something half that good this summer.

That mesh looks solid. I used an 1/8" SS mesh on my first BK burner, it holds up to the heat great.

You have a rig that will last a lifetime. :cheers:

That is pretty awesome. Nice job!

Wow… Looks great. You will have to let us know how the first brews go. Good friend of mine built one last summer, automated it, and loves it.

Good stuff. Question, how are you going to recirc? Using a false bottom in kegs and pumping through the HLT? Or using a grant? I’m just delving into the HERMS idea and wondering about how to make this work.

All great questions. I am poor (baby #2 due in a couple weeks), so I’m basically using this as a glorified manual brew stand for the immediate future. I plan on using a cooler mashtun until I can scratch up enough cash to purchase a kettle mashtun… I’m partial to Blichmann’s kettles, so it’ll be a while, I think. I dislike the look/feel of re-purposes kegs.

A cooler should be ok. I’ve done a brief, 5-10 minute test burn, and the added space between burners (or perhaps the circular wind screens) seems to leave the space above a neighboring burner cool to the touch.

All this to say I do plan on using a false bottom and pumping for recirculation, but I reserve the right to change my mind when I finally get the cash. :blah:

Gotcha. I’d be starting out manual also. Right now I’m brewing using a single infusion/batch sparge in a cooler, and with my fine crush I frequently to have to rake the mash to keep things moving especially with the sparge. So I’m thinking that this might be an issue with a recirculating system.

I crush at 0.026", so mine is pretty fine, too. Once I get there, I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

Exceptional work SK. Exceptional.

That is really nice. I guess you use the pump to move the mash to the boiler. IDK why but I have seen these frames with the boiler section lower for gravity feed. If you’re using a pump it doesn’t seem necessary.

I think you should watch it like a hawk the first time you use it. SS is slow to heat but after an hour+ of burner time, you may be getting up to plastic melting temps.

Nice set up, esp. the piping. It’s gonna be a pleasure to brew with.

With a pump it can be easy to compact a mash locking it up tight; definitely use a lautering system with as much surface area as possible.

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