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Brewsession done

Did a heffeweisen today. 10 gal. Love it when everything worked. Right on the spot with the og. Even had time to paint. Two doors. To the new almost ready brew area. Did brew session alone. Music list during brewing. Overkill. Kreator. Havok. Slayer obituary. Now time to relax. Few home brews


You could call that a “heavy” weizen brew day!


Whats the scheme for the room… Gothic? Cold blue steel? Mangling red? Or perhaps, hop green? Barley tan? Sneezles61

Think reign in beer room. Pfff me getting frustrated takes to long to finish. Waiting for the electrician to finish. Learned a lesson again. In life. Dont let your wife ask her brother. For this job to do the electric part.

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Its taken some time, but I am capable of doing my wiring… Nothing worst than being held hostage by another trade. Sneezles61

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Wiring is not very hard and PEX has made plumbing super easy. Not comfortable doing Gas.

Worse thing me did pay him for the job. He did put the pipes in the floor and the wall. Now me wait to finish it

I know a few peeps like that… Usually the way business is done up here, half down up front… The rest upon completion… There are few that no-one will hire them… They are their own worst enemy… Sneezles61

Tell me allways lame excuse. Now it is me not done with other client. Ended up with a fight with my wife. Over his lameass behavior. His answer. Well you not in a hurry you still brew in your other room. Got me balistic. My son in law. On my side at least. Last sunday they. Came for a few beers. Even the electic. Dude. My fam got my home brew. The electric. Dude. Get a amstel beer. Uuh wilco dont i get a ipa. No. Iam busy drinking with my fam and friends.

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I’m sorry to hear of the rough patch there… Hopefully you’ll be doing a brew in it before the new year! Sneezles61

Prob solved. Today a different electrican. Will come over. To give me a price for the work. If ok. It will be done sunday


Sunday it will be done. Nice price for his work. Besides that he wants a few beers

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And when you can brew your first brewhouse brew… Whats it going to be? Sneezles61
Did you put in a big outlet should you go all electric? Or are you already…

Did put 7 different power conections. Each. 110 volt and 220 volt so enough. Conection on. Different places. Proberly to much. But you never know

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